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چگونه دگرجنس گونه بودن را به عنوان یک نوجوان درک کنیم ؟

How to Come to Terms with Being Transgender As a Teen
چگونه دگرجنس گونه بودن را به عنوان یک نوجوان درک کنیم؟

Being transgender is beautiful, but it can be hard. Learning as much as you can about what other transgender people are up to can help you figure out what is going on in your own life

Steps 1
    Accept it. Based on experience, you have probably known about your gender identity since you were young: female, male, or maybe not within the gender binary at all. You know what your gender identity is better than anybody else. Don't let anybody tell you that you aren't transgender, or that it's just a phase.

 Steps 2
    Realize that you are not alone. No matter where you are, you can find other transgender people. Call an LGBT community center, advocacy organization or support group. If you can't find one, and it feels safe, ask around. Lots of different places might have ideas about where you can get support.

    Steps 3
    Read. Check out books from the library. Jamison Green, Kate Bornstein, Leslie Feinberg, Mattilda, and Louis Sullivan have written some great books that are really informative. Find out everything you can.

     Steps 4
    Tell someone if you're sure it'll be safe. Don't hide it; it feels like a huge weight on your shoulders and it hurts. Come out to someone that you'd trust with your life. Write a speech or notes beforehand unless your memory is very good. Go ahead and cry, if you need to.

     Steps 5
    Be yourself. Don't feel ashamed of being who you are. If transition is what you want to do - do it.

     Steps 6
    Seek resources. If there's a transgender support center or group in your area, consider going to it - many have anonymous help lines you can call if you have questions and don't feel comfortable going in person. If you can, meeting somebody who's already spent time questioning their gender and is further along in the transitioning process than you are can be extremely helpful. If there's nothing in your area, there are online support groups who can provide help, advice, and a listening ear.

     Steps 7
    Write. Pour out your feelings into a journal, write heart music, poems and, in general, yell with your fingers.

     Steps 8
    Visit a doctor. Discuss this with a physician who has has experience in this area. If the doctor does not believe you or take you seriously, go to another one. Don't let an ignorant health care professional question your identity.

     Steps 9
    Learn about hormones and other aspects of physical transition, and make sure that this is what you want to do.


    You are not alone. There are people out there like you, who have gone through many of the same things (though everyone's experience is unique.) You are not a freak
    There is more to being transgender than transitioning, and more to transitioning than the medical process. Don't lose sight of who you are because people tell you that you need to see a doctor
    Sexual orientation is not gender. Feeling like you are somebody of the "other" gender does not mean that you have to feel like a 'straight' person of that gender. However, lesbian/gay/bisexual organizations do often have resources for transgender people, and can be worth checking out
    Don't let it define you as a person. Act however you want whenever you want, just know when to be smart. If you're hiding in a shell, it'll just overwhelm you much more

    Save money. Transitioning can be very expensive
    Everybody is different. Not every transgender person is transsexual. Hormones and surgery are not for everyone. Some people are happy simply dressing in a more masculine/feminine way; some people don't feel comfortable in their bodies until they have surgery. Only you know what's right for you, but a good therapist or doctor can help you work things out


    Do be careful with whom you associate. There are hateful people out there who could cause harm to you. Keep supporting friends close at all times
    If you can, it is important that you speak with someone (a Transgender knowledgeable therapist or counselor) and determine if you need to transition to the opposite gender before puberty completes transforming your body into an adult male or female. With appropriate hormones and hormone blockers, taken soon enough, you can complete the opposing gender's puberty and be 100% passable and live a normal life as your desired gender. This does not mean of course that you cannot transition anymore when you're post-puberty. Some people transition in old age and still achieve 100% passing. But the earlier you start the easier it is
    Don't get hormones without a prescription (except if that is absolutely impossible). There are lots of benefits to getting hormones through a doctor, and many doctors are using new standards that make hormones more accessible.

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